Cholesterol free • Low fat
Naturally high in fiber • Quick to prepare • Excellent taste

Dietetic features

KLASO products are highly suitable for diabetics because of their low saccharide and fat content.

The whole KLASO assortment supports prevention of so-called "civilization diseases", for instance of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diseases of joints, etc. Prevention is supported especially by high fiber content, absence of cholesterol and low fat content. Spreads made of legumes include also magnesium and zinc that are natural elements of ingredients the spreads are made of.

KLASO "For (vegetarian) Steaks", "For Breaded (vegetarian) Steaks", "(vegetarian) Schnitzels", "Slices" and (vegetarian) "Sausage Meat" include flaxseed that is being applied during treatment of various diseases.

KLASO products are suitable for sportsmen/sportswomen. They have high total protein (the same percentage as meat) and, in the same time, insignificant total fat. What's more, they are cholesterol free.

For glutenfree diet only pâtés "Šohaj plus", "Capuchin" and "Cavalier" are suitable.

The other KLASO products are not suitable for the glutenfree diet.

Preparation time

Semi-finished products (Lahůdkové - "Delicious", Na řízky - "For (vegetarian) Steaks", Obalované řízky - "Schnitzels" and Plátky - "Slices" are being prepared for about 5 - 10 minutes. The other products can be just open and eaten.

Shelf life

Most KLASO products should be consumed within 30 days from the production date. Their expire date is written on the packing every time. After opening the product must be consumed within 72 hours.

Storage temperature: +2 to +8 °C. Soft products (Prejt - (vegetarian) "Sausage meat", Paštika - Pâtés, Klasík and Tatarská pomazánka - "Tartare Spread") are not suitable for refrigeration.

The other KLASO products can be stored in a deepfreeze.