Delicious KLASO
Basic ingredients Packing Shelf life
Wheat, soya beans 200 g
400 g
1 000 g
30 days

  1. Slice KLASO and fry both sides of slices for 3 - 5 minutes.

    • In a sauce - put fried KLASO slices into a sauce (tomato, chilli, instant, etc. sauces).

    • Stewed - stew fried KLASO slices in juice (approx. 5 minutes). It isn't necessary to fry them beforehand.

  2. Dice KLASO and fry it for 3 - 5 minutes.

    • Goulash - put fried KLASO dices into a goulash and warm it up (5 minutes).

    • Chinese food - put fried KLASO dices into a prepared Chinese mixture and warm it up (5 minutes).

  3. Chop KLASO finely and make forcemeat, meatballs or kebabs in the usual way.