Vanilla Cereal Cream "Klasík"
Cocoa Cereal Cream "Klasík"
Basic ingredient Packing Shelf life
wheat 150 g 30 days

Obilný krém Klasik
  1. As a bite to eat: Decorate slices of fruit or waffles by a cream.

  2. In fruit salads: Mix vanilla cream with fresh fruit or compote.

  3. As butter cream: Add vegetable oil (approx. 20%) to "Klasík" and use for fillig of desserts, gateaus and other cakes.

  4. In coctails: Mix "Klasík" with milk and fruit (fresh or stewed) and put into a liquidizer.

  5. For preparing porridge: Thin down "Klasík" with milk and warm up.

  6. For preparing fruit sauces: Thin down "Klasík" with fruit, milk and warm up.

  7. Brown a cream and serve with potatoes and cabbage or tomato sauce.

Never thin down with water.