Basic ingredients Packing Shelf life
caraway, coriander, mustard 100 g
500 g
1 year
Gluten Free

Mahá koření
Where can be used Mahá spices:

Who wants to eat healthily substitutes soup seasoning etc. with artificial flavour by Mahá spices.

We can add Mahá spices into all sorts of vegetable soup, spreads, vegetable dishes and to protein concentrates of plant origin (as KLASO, ROBI, tofu, SEITAN).

Habitual dosage: 1 teespoon for 5 persons.

How to use Mahá spices:

  1. It is suitable to add Mahá spices to onion during browning.

  2. Culinarily more difficult is following procedure. Put Mahá spices into hot oil for about 20 seconds (before they start to bubble). Then add dices of onion (browned) or vegetable (steamed) or water and cook cereals, legumes or soup.

  3. The easiest way is to pour Mahá spices in a repast during cooking.

  4. Mahá spices can be used without being cooked in every case where you were used to flavour with caraway (e.g. spreads).