Basic ingredients Packing Shelf life
Wheat, soya beans, flaxseed 200 g
400 g
1 000 g
30 days

Klaso na řízky
Slice KLASO for Steaks into 1 cm thick slices and tenderize them the same way as meat.
  1. SCHNITZEL - bread a slice of KLASO for Steaks in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fry or deep fry it.

  2. (Vegetarian) SHORT LOIN - bread a slice of KLASO for Steaks in flour and seasoning, fry up shortly and put into gravy.

  3. HAMBURGER - fry up a slice of KLASO for Steaks and put it into a hamburger bun together with ketchup etc.

  4. PAUPIETTES - put vegetables onto tenderized slices of KLASO for Steaks and make rolls of them. Brow them in the oven or on a pan, then baste and stew until the vegetables is tender (5 minutes).