Dear consumers,

after seven months of intense development, we have come on the market with new Klaso products.
Its newness bases above all in lightened texture and in added juiciness of products. There is a significant change in reduction of salt and fat content, as well, that contributes to decrease of energy value.

The energy value is reduced by 30 percents in average. New proofs about ill effects of higher consumption of salt led us to its significant reduction from the average content of 1,7 % to 1,1 %. There is an exception in the Mild Klaso: its former salt content was 1,0 %, and new version of it has only 0,6 % of salt content.

The basis of new Klaso products is their lightened texture. We achieved this quality by means of gel-forming substances in flaxseeds that have positive effects on human organism. Their main assets lie in enlargement of volume of chyme and facilitating of its passing through the large intestine. Thus, they help to cleanse the organism and improve evacuation. They affect favourably inflammations of alimentary, respiratory and also urinary tracts.

Klaso products contribute remarkably by their fibre content, gel-forming substances in flaxseeds together with low fat content to improvement of eating habits owing to them, the digestive tract is the most burdened system of people in economically developed countries. That leads to very frequent incidence of acute and also chronic degenerative diseases (e.g. chronic phlogistic states, ulcerous gripes, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, polyposis, neoplasia etc.).

We expect therefore that new Klaso products will be even a better support for you than before in the way of eating helping you to prevent various diseases, and that you will appreciate the significant improvement of sensory qualities of innovated products when tasting. The innovated products are distinctly marked by the word NEW.

We thank you for your favour up to now.

In name of company management

Jaroslav Škvařil
Marketing director